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Energie 2025

International equity
 FR0013179611   NAV -
5 years
of risk
Portfolio Manager
Sandrine Cauvin

"Investing to benefit from strong trends in the energy sector"

Created on June, 21, 2016, ENERGIE 2025 is an open-end fund registered in France. This fund is specialized in companies whose business is related to the energy sector. Over a period of 5 years, the fund aims to outperform its benchmark, the MSCI World Energy-Total Return (EUR). To achieve its objective, the fund is invested in international companies of all sizes, with a bias towards small and mid-caps though: oil, gas, oil services, refining, equipment and infrastructure, transport, renewable energy and energy efficiency. This choice allows to capture the best growth opportunities in the energy sector, including those related to new technologies.


Fund performance
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.
Source: BNP PARIBAS Securities Services.


ENERGIE 2025 is an actively managed fund based on a pragmatic selection of stocks, in order to achieve absolute returns according to the convictions of the portfolio manager. It is not intended to replicate any benchmark.

From a medium-long term perspective, and with an owner-like approach, the manager performs a detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis of companies to discover assets with attractive growth potential.


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Fund legal formFCP-French UCITS Settlement deadline D+3
ISIN codeFR0013179611 DepositaryBNP PARIBAS Securities Services
Fund categoryInternational equity Investment horizonSuperior 5 years
Inception date04/07/2016 Scale of risk6
Reference currencyEuro Fixed management fees2.00 %
Reference indexMSCI World Energy TR (Euro) Variable management fees20% of the outperformance compared to benchmark
Valuation frequencyDaily Subscription feesMax. 4%
Capitalization or distribution Capitalization Redemption feesNone
Risk of capital loss Foreign-exchange risks

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